Friday, October 28, 2011

~Anonymous~ My Impact Trainings Experience

My life before Impact Trainings was very unconscious, because I always thought that I was right and didn’t listen or experience anyone else’s point of view even when what I heard or experienced from someone else was truth.  I used to pretend to be someone that I’m really not.  I always acted and tried to be stronger then everyone around me.  My transformation started when I moved out of my parents’ home and moved to Utah.  When I felt my family far from me, my consciousness started to open and people in my life started to show up. My husband left to Mexico and I got to stay here by myself.  I created a really hard situation in my life, by me being alone, that I didn’t want to live anymore.  I had thoughts that it was all too much for me.  And that is when the most beautiful and amazing gift came to me, Impact Trainings.  Since I stared Impact, my life started to shift enormously.  I started seeing things, people and anything around me differently and in a positive way.  It didn’t matter if it was something “bad”.  I still see the good in it and my life now, after Impact, is amazing.  I am awake and I can feel the gratitude within my heart every single day of my life.  It feels like I have been born again with a perfect life.  I feel enormous love, gratitude, and peace in my life now every single day.  And the biggest gift that I have had is my Impact Trainings.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…



  1. Love and Light to you.

  2. Qwest Impact training lead me to many breakthroughs.. The most profround was learning about the masks and walls I use. I've committed to Summit training in December and can't wait to learn more about myself and how I fit in this world. I'm hungry for more and until Summit comes, I choose to feed the wolf of love, continually practice going to my heart and just 'let it be'.