Friday, October 28, 2011

~Vicky, Lift-Off 212~ My Impact Trainings Experience

My life before Impact Trainings – I was in a dark, dark ocean.  A hug, deep, never-ending ocean.  I was in the midst of violent waves, overwhelming me.  I felt that no matter what I did, it wouldn’t make a difference.  I was being sucked down, down, down and I was at the verge of giving up.  I couldn’t breathe and why should I even try?

After Impact Trainings – The ocean is still there, but I choose not to be in it!!!  Yes, I choose!!! I do have a choice moment to moment to see the beauty, peace, joy, and love that is abundantly around me always.  Not only is it around me, it is ME!  Impact Trainings provided a safe space and opportunity for me to honestly and accountable take a look at myself and my life.  I was then invited to learn tools that would assist me in every situation that comes in life.  Because of the Trainings, I am clear, I trust what I know, I am empowered, and I am the creator of my life.  Every aspect of my life has been affected and changed in beautiful ways.  I am in deepest gratitude for the relationship I have with myself and loved ones and all who come into my life.  Impact Trainings was absolutely life altering and I am eternally grateful.

~Vicky, Lift-Off 212~

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