Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Tracee, Lift-Off 268~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact, I had lost my self-power and became a wall flower that was shellacked down like wallpaper to a wall.  The weight of what I had given up was heavy and thick, creating an inability to breathe or move through life.  A stagnant, thick energy within my body was sludgy, thick, blackened grey mass which created dis-at-ease in my body.  I had lost my voice, not only speaking-up wise, but singing wise.  It was as if a thick, block board had severed through my throat and blocked anything - any sound to be expressed.

After Impact, my life is bright and clear.  I can see 360 degrees around me as if I am encased in the most pure, bright, healing, loving bubble of light that shines all the colours of the rainbow.  Not only does the bubble of light and colour surround me but it is within me and through me and therefore around me.  My bubble of light and colour shines and radiates from my being, rippling out, engulfing, enveloping, and touching each and every living thing/being I encounter.  The light and colour I feel, see, smell and hear is beautiful, pure, and filled with love.

~Tracee, Lift-Off 268~

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