Friday, October 28, 2011

~Glen, Lift-Off 186~ My Impact Trainings Experience

High on the mountain is a small lake that is surrounded by quaking aspen and pines on one side and a high cliff on the other side.  Halfway up the cliff there is an eagle nest with a little eaglet watching other eagles soaring in the distance.  “Wow! That is awesome.  I want to do that.”  Months go by and the eaglet is now an adolescent and is flying with his friends.  One day he notices a bright object in the sky and wants to fly to it.  His friends told him he couldn’t do that.  It just is not done.  The other eagles told him the same and eventually he believed them so much that he chose to never fly again and let go of his dreams.  One day, a beautiful man came and picked up the eagle and took him home and fixed his wings.  One day he took the eagle out on his arm.  He pointed to that shiny object and said, “Ok Glen, go get your moon”.  Glen flew away and soared to the moon.

When I was in the 3rd grade, we studied the planets.  That night I looked up to the sky and saw the full moon.  It was bright and shiny and looked like the pictures of the planets I saw at school.  I was so excited that I had noticed the similarity.  The next day at school I shared my excitement with my classmates.  I must have been the only person who did not know that about the moon.  My classmates literally backed me into a corner and laughed at me.  That was the moment that I chose to never risk again.  I always sat in the back of the room and never asked questions.  I didn’t talk much and discounted anything about myself.  A man without a dream is like a broken winged eagle.  Rarely do they fly again.  The beautiful man is Impact Trainings who repaired my wings and gave me back my moon.  I now soar with the eagles each and every day.

~Glen, Lift-Off 186~

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