Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Nathan, Lift-Off 241~ My Impact Trainings Experience

A great barren land is seen in the distance, sandy, devoid of plant life.  Only the sun is seen over the horizon of the dunes.  This land stretches seemingly forever as a great ocean of sand. 

Then, one day, a wind began to blow very strong without ceasing; Day and night for many days.  Day after day, the sand covering the valley was swept to and fro and then away.  After two days of this, the tops of trees and buildings were revealed, evidence of a once vibrant, bustling city.  Pools of water were revealed with springs coming up for the earth, their source, a great mountain a distant land.  All traces of this once-great city stand as if petrified.  Then as the last remnants of sand flurry in the air, a great cloud forms and darkens over the city.  A great torrent of rain begins to fall and cleanse, refresh, and revitalize, as the bright colors of buildings and streets return to their former glory and flowers and fruit trees grow once more.  The rain ceases and as people in neighboring villages experience the tumult, they come, they see, and being to inhabit this beautiful oasis.  And So It Is!!!

~Nathan, Lift-Off 241~

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