Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Barbara, Lift-Off 270~ My Impact Trainings Experience

As I lost touch with life, I became as a seashell, uninhabited with life, empty and useless.  An empty shell that had lost all value, never to be picked up on the beach and adored or loved, but to be washed out to the depths of the sea never to be seen again, never to be important enough to connect with the world again.

With each step of the Trainings, I find that I can be anything I choose to be.  No longer the empty shell that had no purpose, but is full of life and connecting with all the beautiful shells around me - seeing their beauty and character as they enlighten me and I enlighten others with my God given beacon of light shinning and inspiring those around me as I stand in peace and love.

~Barbara, Lift-Off 270~

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