Friday, October 28, 2011

~Carla, Lift-Off 186~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact, I was in a deep, dark cavern.  There was no light; the walls were hard and cold.  It felt like tons and tons of rock and dirt covered the entire cavern.  There was little air to breathe.  I was suffocating.  In every direction there was only darkness - heavy, dense, cold darkness - with no way out.  As my Quest Training began, a small shaft of light penetrated the cavern and the darkness.  It was still a long ways to the entrance and still many tons of rock covering the cavern.  As I continued my training, the light shafts grew longer and more abundant until a golden sun was visible, then the rock crumbled.  I easily walked out of the cavern into the brilliant, beautiful sunlight - breathing, smiling – gratitude filled my heart.  All that rock is now crystalline energy with the sun blasting through radiating all the colors of the rainbow.

~Carla, Lift-Off 186~

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