Friday, October 28, 2011

~Kelly, Lift-Off 265~ My Impact Trainings Experience

I started my life as a brand new, shiny tin man with a sharp axe and an excitement for life.  As I traveled my journey, I found myself getting dirty because I kept falling.  I would always pick myself up, yet I was getting filthy and even rusting.  I soon became so rusty that I couldn’t even move or feel.  My heart had closed down.  Then this angel in white came by and saw this mess I had created and invited me to Impact.  I went to Quest Training with nothing to lose, but my rusty past.  When I brushed off the dirt and polished off the rust a miracle happened.  My heart came alive and started to sing and it has been singing ever since.  Life to me is a beautiful gift and I am grateful for my angle and to Impact Trainings.

~Kelly, Lift-Off 265~

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