Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Andrea, Lift-Off 220~ My Impact Trainings Experience

I came into my Impact Trainings as a solid brick wall.  I had felt that this wall had windows in it.  I opened the windows just a bit sometimes to let people in, but was always ready to close it up tight again at the first sign of someone coming close to me.  I chose into my Trainings because I could feel the closed wall but did not know how to take it down.  Through the Training, I opened up bit by bit.  Each step uncovering and unfolding the beautiful being of Light that I am.  I am now a Loving, Light filled crystal  - radiating all of my beauty and reflecting the amazing beauty of others.  I am strong, but gentle, loving and open to all who come into my space.  I AM THAT I AM.

~Andrea, Lift-Off 220~

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