Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Debi, Lift-Off 216~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact, I was a worn, tarnished and broken piece of leather - brittle, fragile and thin.  Life had sucked the moisture - the luster and the shine - leaving me cracked and brittle.  As I stepped into taking on my life, I saw myself as an observer, looking at myself from a higher perspective, watching myself as an observer in a fog wandering.  Then I noticed I was not that tattered, brittle body.  But I was above myself, looking at that body.  I was an observer of full consciousness.  I was connected to all that was.  I was aware of everything in the physical temporal world, but I was above it, observing from a peaceful, calm, all knowing consciousness. 

~Debi, Lift-Off 216~

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