Friday, October 28, 2011

~Carol, Lift-Off 266~ My Impact Traininigs Experience

Before Impact, I felt like a tired, worn out work horse.  I would go to work and keep going all day not looking around me or enjoying anything for fear if I stopped for a minute I wouldn’t be able to keep going.  I lived in fear and anxiety, always wondering what tragedy was about to show up.  I would go home exhausted and out of sorts with no energy left to spend with the people I loved most.  After Impact, I feel confident and knowing.  I love taking in my surroundings.  I anticipate the opportunities that are opened up to me daily and I embrace them with a knowledge that I have created that moment for my perfect experience to lean and grow.  I now save my energy for the moments I choose to experience.  I feel empowered by my creator and his love for me. 

~Carol, Lift-Off 266~

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