Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Jim, Lift-Off 132~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact Trainings, I felt I knew the plan, my plan - keep all I trust close to me, but mostly if I needed you, I would let you in and it had to be my way or the highway, indifferent, it's possible you could be of value to me, and no middle ground.

Now, I am open to create love and value with all.  I give love away with no expectations.  I am tender to all and show up as fun, enthusiastic, and joyful.  I feel and hear the connections with everyone.  I give tenderness to all and all has value.  I connect with energies in nature and life.  I create healing and communication with everyone.  I touch with love, humor, kindness, warmth and joy wherever I am, expanding my flame and lighting the fire within.  I inspire with passion!

~Jim, Lift-Off 132~

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