Friday, October 28, 2011

~Sharon, Lift-Off 213~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact, I felt like a pressure cooker working with external heat to create a pressure filled canister.  Dangerous amounts of steam were generated at high heats, burning anyone near by and injuring others.  The pressure had to be regulated, usually by an outside source to assure that an explosion didn’t take place.

After Impact, I feel like I have a well balanced regulator that gives me the opportunity to release acceptable and healthy amounts of steam in creative ways so that there is not a build up of steam or emotions that used to create a dangerously high level of pressure.  I can breathe and feel my lungs expand and realize they are in a fluid motion.  I have the power to build “pressure” that is converted emotions, thoughts, and feelings into energy which can be used to create and heal as opposed to destroy. 

~Sharon, Lift-Off 213~

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