Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Pamela, Lift-Off 199~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Life before Impact was like wearing a veil over me - I could not see others clearly, it was easy for me to say "I" don't know and to ask others to make decisions because I thought they could see better than I.  Though I thought others could see me, they could not clearly see my genuineness as I hid behind the veil.  Fear of unknown, fear of trusting myself, fear of letting go, fear of "controlling" situations, fear of what others think of me - am I smart enough, will they like me - kept me partially paralyzed.  I enjoyed my life and yet there were shadows that kept me from being revealed and kept me from seeing myself and others because of my veil of fears.  I had many experiences to build my trust level to the point of entering a class - Impact - that I felt would assist me further to know myself. 

And the sun rising in the morning, little by little the dawn emerges on the horizon and across the sky, my soul stretched through the veil of my ego mind to it's dawning!  Once bursting out in love and joy, the veil was no longer desirable to wear.  To meet and "know" people (to trust my knowing), to know myself, and continue to know the depths and heights of myself is an adventure worth being involved in 100%.  I love life!  I love me!  I love God!  I am grateful for all lessons that come and then pass on.  I am most grateful for all who are intertwined in my beautiful labyrinth and tapestry of my life.  I am not alone.  I am supported.  I am a Joyfull, Inspiring, Compassionate, Honest Woman of Light!

~Pamela, Lift-Off 199~

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