Friday, October 28, 2011

~Cyndee, Lift-Off 199~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact, my life was like standing in a dark tunnel.  I felt like I was in a bumper car, bouncing from side to side, jerking and getting nowhere.  No matter how hard I “tried”, nothing was ever different, nothing was ever better.  After completing Quest, I could feel the shift in my entire being.  A white light appeared like a glistening path with jagged edges and I began to follow.  But I was still on the bumper car.  Then I took on Summit.  The edges began to soften and the path began to smooth.  After Lift-Off, my life shifted to a beautiful space of flowing.  The dark tunnel began to sparkle with beams of light.  I thought I was complete.  My life seemed to flow smoothly, but I keow there was more.  Now that I have completed LMT, my life is like a beautiful, smooth ice skating rink.  I am twirling and soaring, arms outstretched with the wind blowing in my hair.  Occasionally, I do fall, but I now have the tools to shift myself into a higher vibration.  I have the tools to crate the world I want to live in.  I am free.  I am Joy.  I am Love.

And So It Is.

~Cyndee, Lift-Off 199~

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