Friday, October 28, 2011

~Jose, Lift-Off 266~ My Impact Trainings Experience

My life before the Training was like chaos.  Tragedy after tragedy came into my life.  I was an egocentric, selfish man.  I only thought about myself and didn’t care about what people said or thought.  My life after the Trainings is a miracle.  It’s a full life of emotions and so many opportunities every moment.  Now I love myself and everybody else in every moment in every event I experience.  I love and feel connected to everything that enters my life.  I have learned everything and every person.  I have learned to assist myself and toughs around me elevate into a higher vibration.  Sometimes I don’t get to see become but I can feel their assistance.  Everything is perfect because God created it.  444

~Jose, Lift-Off 266~

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