Thursday, October 27, 2011

~Cathey, Lift-Off 92~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact my life was based on a facade.  On the outside everything looked great - beautiful family, beautiful home, great job, daring husband.  On the inside I was dying.  I felt powerless and stuck in an emotional, abusive marriage.  I had become a doormat, withdrawing from my children and other relationships and feeling that nothing I ever did was quite good enough.

After Impact I took back my power and started looking at the ways I created my circumstances by my choices.  I started being true to myself, honoring all creation by honoring myself first.  I started honoring the present for the amazing gift it is.  I decided it was easier to just love everyone and let go of drama in relationships.  I had learned that I didn't need to be "right" and that I could love and forgive myself and everyone else for being "less than perfect".

After Impact I decided to let go of toxic relationships, activities, and habits of thought that were less then honoring.  I decided to follow my inner wisdom to crate a peaceful, joyful, loving, abundant life.  I decided to be grateful for everything and to look for the gift in even the more challenging of circumstances.

Before Impact I had decided "life sucks, and then you die!"  I was an empty shell of a woman, numb of just going through the motions to maintain the facade.  After Impact I am living as a powerful, loving, creative woman with a deep and profound sense of gratitude and joy.

~Cathey, Lift-Off 92~

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