Monday, September 19, 2011

Feeding The Body and Soul

Feeding The Body and Soul- Being the LIGHT

We have all heard the adage “Feed a man a fish or teach a man to fish…” and it was a beautiful experience and consciousness shift as a collective group of Impact Graduates gathered and served lunch in Pioneer Park on Sunday, September 11, 2011.
On a historical day when many heads were bowed across the country and emotions rang heavy acknowledging the 10 year anniversary of the World Trade Center attack replaying again and again throughout the media; our Impact Grads, willing to be part of the solution, sharing food, and embodying LOVE; lightened and brightened our corner of the world, lifting hearts, feeding bodies, enriching souls.
It has been said that the propaganda surrounding “feeding the needy” actually perpetuates the problem implying judgment, fueling the energy choice of “victimization”- but the difference that occurs when Impact Grads step in to serve, dishing out well over 200 hotdogs and hamburgers, they HONORED all those there, treating everyone holding a plate, with equality and respect, recognizing the divine path each of us has chosen.  Instead of seeing people AS their circumstances and keeping them in that space, the unique quality of service from a heightened perspective is that we are all on our PERFECT path and everyone is a teacher to our greatest good.  Indeed, while Impact Graduates serve, we do it with gratitude and humility.
In a world where people seem to avoid eye contact, our fellow Energy Workers smiled, laughed, and shared their food; music playing, families sitting under trees in the sunlight; the space provided where ALL those attending could feel and know that there are still people who SEE the value of a soul, who SEE who they ARE beneath clothes, life-choices and hardships.  Simply stated: People gathered together for a picnic, worldly cares and concerns set aside for a few hours and new friendships created.
Thank you to all of you who showed up for US on Sunday. Thank you for coming from a place in YOUR hearts that EMPOWERED and INSPIRED versus enabling. Thank you for the SHIFT in the world you CREATED.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Word Picture - Before and After Quest by Rachelle Shurtliff

Before Quest I felt as though I was an angry Taxi Cab driver in my dingy yellow Taxi.  I swerved through life, cutting people off, honking my horn and yelling profanities out the window.  I hit traffic getting to where I was going and I hated my journey through life and was frustrated with everything around me.

After Quest I feel like a little girl again.  I feel like I'm running through a field of white daisies.  The sun warms my face and the flowers dance in the wind as if to greet me as I run by.  There are no roads in my daisy field, no one expects me to go any particular direction.  I'm making my own way through life.  I love every step I am taking.  I'm now taking in the beauty all around me.  The beauty of what my life really is.

My Quest Word Picture by Kameron Squire

Before Quest I was very much like a mouse.  A mouse that was trapped in a cage of starving hawks.  And I was so terrified to do anything because if these hawks saw me for one moment then I would be finished.  So I just hid in the corner making myself as small and unimportant as I possibly could, hoping that the hawks would just get hungry enough to devour themselves and leave me alone.  Because I knew that if they even caught a glimpse of me that would be the end.

After Quest I had transformed into one of those hawks.  I felt free and connected to everything from the wind racing through my feathers to the trees and the animals below me.  I was on top of the world and I just felt myself being lifted effortlessly higher.  So high that I could literally feel each individual warm light from all the stars in the sky.  And when I finally landed in all the beauty and magnificence around me I knew I had left that Earth behind and had landed in the midst of Heaven itself!

The Power of Clear Intention by Kameron Squire

After I had graduated Quest I felt inspired to continue to take on my life and go on to Summit.  It was something I wanted with all of my heart and I knew that I got to go to Summit with my Quest family.

The challenge I got to experience was by getting work off.  I worked at a dry cleaners with me and three other employees.  When I went into work after Quest and checked the schedule I learned that two of the employees (the manager and her mother) had a family reunion that week and were going to be out of town.  The other employee had a girls camp that week and so she was also going to be gone.

I went into work to talk to my manager about what I felt about the training and that I was there to create a win/win situation with her.  I spoke from my heart and talked about alternate possibilities where she might be willing to hire someone, or if she was willing to call up an old employee and see if they would work for that week.  It felt so good to come from my heart and own my power and I could feel my passion for the trainings inspire her.  And that was amazing.

After I had finished talking I felt connected with her and she looked at me and said something very similar to, "Kameron, thank you for coming in and talking to me.  I feel like this training really is benefiting you.  I appreciate how you came in to talk about other possibilities with me instead of just refusing to work.  The only way I really see this turning out though is with me missing my family reunion.  And when you come back to work I will probably be upset and you may find yourself without a job."  I asked her to please at least be open to other possibilities and she said we will see what happens in the next few days.

That evening I had a voicemail from her saying, "Hey it's Emily.  We figured out someone to work next week.  So that's all squared away, so don't worry about your class thing.  You can call me.  Thanks."

Come to find out someone walked in about an hour after I left whom she was familiar with and whom was trained who was willing to work that week so we could all go and do what we all deserved.

And that is the power of clear intention with committed action.  And it is just beautiful and exhilerating to know what I can accomplish once I commit myself.  It's wonderful.  I love it.