Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~Dan, Lift-Off 232~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact Training, I was separated from Jane Ann wondering about survival, love, reputation, isolation, and absolutely no love for myself.  The best thing I owned was my ego and all of the walls that surrounded me.

Jane Ann exposed me to a program she thought potentially benefited me (us) - "Impact Training".  We attended a guest presentation, got my stuff out of the way, buried my skepticism and enrolled into Quest. They still talk about my first day in what an awakening - we made it and graduated.  Jane Ann and I talked our first full conversation in years about all of our stuff.  This was an amazing experience with communication.  Summit put us back together again with a great face to face experience.  Lift-Off gave us details and tools to enhance our relationship as well as our lives.  Life Mastery Training took us to places of thought and emotions we had never experienced before.

Now we truly love each other as well as ourselves.  We love all others around us like never before.  We feel the vibrational changes and discord in the world.  We are committed to change the discord, continue the raise in our vibrations and to teach my love.

~Dan, Lift-Off 232~

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