Friday, October 28, 2011

~Tina, Lift-Off 214~ My Impact Trainings Experience

My life before Impact Trainings felt as if I was in a dark, cold, cement room.  The walls were so tall that I was not able to climb out.  There were no windows or doors to get out of.  I was stuck and all by myself.  I felt cold and lonely. 

After going through Impact Trainings, I felt such freedom.  It was as if I was a caged bird that had been let free – free to fly with no limitations, to soar as high as my heart desired.  I see myself now flying into the sun and the warmth and the light, flying as fast as I want or as slow as I want, taking in all there is to see.  I feel the abundance of Gods love and the beauty of all of creation and know I can live in Joy, Peace, Unity, and Light.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! to Hans, Sally, and the other trainers for making this possible!  Love and Light!

~Tina, Lift-Off 214~

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