Friday, October 28, 2011

~Tammy, Lift-Off 263~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact, I blamed everyone else for the chaos I was experiencing and the life I was living.  In Quest, I learned who I wasn’t.  In Summit, I learned who I am.  In Lift-Off, I learned that I am the powerful creator of my life.  In LMT 1, I was able to reach out and learn more about Mother Nature and how it plays a very important part in my life here on earth.  In LMT 2, I learned that I am a daughter of God and worthy to be here on this earth.  I learned that being with and loving myself is more powerful than what I had believed all my life.  I had believed someone, mainly a man, made me whole.  What I know now is I am whole and I’m never alone.  To love myself is the greatest gift.  I love me and I can love all in the world.  I see everything with new eyes.  The world has opened up to me possibilities that are everywhere.  My life is open to new experiences, friends I know, and those who I haven’t met yet. 

The language of increase is beautiful and has assisted me greatly.  My life is mine to create.  I stand for me to stand for others.  I take a stand with those in my life who get to stand for theirs.  LMT 3 is beautiful and a great gift; Being surrounded with light workers.  How beautiful.  Often people just step up to me and thank me for a smile, for the kind word.  It’s the Angles working through me to touch the lives of all Gods Children.

~Tammy, Lift-Off 263~

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