Thursday, December 1, 2011

~Yvette, Lift-Off 265~ My Impact Trainings Experience

Before Impact, I was like a dried up, dead tree.  The sky had turned grey and there was no sun.  All the leaves that grew and lived on my branches had fallen and blown away.  The grass and roots at the base of my truck had dried up and withered away.  All the other trees had been uprooted and moved to different locations to flourish in their youth.  The only company I had were the crows that came to pick off my bark.

After Impact, the sun came out and the sky turned blue.  My roots became strong and the leaves began to grow on my branches.  The grass around me turned brilliant green.  A river started to flow near me to nourish my roots and give me strength.  Trees were brought to grow next to me and share in the warmth and love of all that is. 

~Yvette, Lift-Off 265~

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