Thursday, December 1, 2011

~Elizabeth, Lift-Off 273~ My Impact Trainings Experience

My greatest lesson I learned through Impact Trainings about myself is I am valuable!  I have a purpose.  I am here in this very moment for a reason that there are no accidents.  My vision of a healed world is that we all live in harmony, we act on love, we share love, we are love to one another, we support and encourage everyone to be their best as a Spirit Being brought to us to learn from.  The greatest way my life has changed as a result of the Trainings is that I love myself!  I realize I am a creator and I am worth so much alone, by myself, but I deserve more of the best.  I have a new found hunger for love, light, and life!  Rarrr!  J

~Elizabeth, Lift-Off 273~

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