Thursday, December 1, 2011

~Blaine, Lift-Off 271~ My Impact Trainings Experience

I learned that I get to love myself in order to love others.  That what I experience in others is a mirror of what I see in myself.  I learned that it’s okay to ask for assistance, that by doing so, I am serving those who assist me and forming a bond with them. 

My vision of a healed world is greeting each other with a hug instead of a handshake of some sort.  A world that doesn’t see white people and black people, brown people and yellow people, I just see people that I love.  In my healed world nobody NEEDS anything, we deserve it and we deserve to have assistance without having to ask for it.  In my healed world, everybody loves each other unconditionally.

I have learned to love myself and work from my heart space and in doing so, I have healed almost all of my relationships.  Instead of waiting for my existence to end, I am finally living my life and loving it.  I can handle all of the emotions that I feel and know them for what they are.  I am excited to feel them because that means I am growing and learning.

~Blaine, Lift-Off 271~

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