Thursday, December 1, 2011

~Connie, Lift-Off 271~ My Impact Trainings Experience

The greatest lesson I learned about myself through the Impact Trainings is that I make myself more of a burden to those around me when I refuse assistance.  I have learned on a deeper level then ever thought possible how powerful it is to be open to others being of service to me. 

My vision of a healed world is people smiling for no reason except that they’re alive and enjoy whatever life looks like for them.

The greatest way my life has changed as a result of the Impact Trainings is I show up for myself now.  I love me and it shows – my children see and feel it, my mother sees and feels it, everybody I connect with in life has no question that I am a Beautiful, Worthy, Passionate, Powerful Woman of Light and I love living NOW!

~Connie, Lift-Off 271~

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