Thursday, December 1, 2011

~Emily, Lift-Off 272~ My Impact Trainings Experience

My vision of a healed world is complete peace, unity, and trust through all the hearts of God’s Creations.  That power and clarity radiate through the universe and unconditional love is shared to all the world.  Life is created to be beautiful, real, and authentic communication between all spirits.  The world is healing and a place of safety where it is easy to express the spirit I am and I am able to reach out to others in peace and honoring.  It is my vision to keep relationships close at heart and to continue life living through being an angel, Spirit Being, and light that radiates true, unconditional love to all areas of my life.  My truth is expressed from the heart, where deep connections are made.  I love my healed world and I love life.

~Emily, Lift-Off 272~

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