Thursday, December 1, 2011

~DeNelle, Lift-Off 273~ My Impact Trainings Experience

The greatest lesson I learned about myself through the Impact Trainings is to love myself.  I now am able to love myself unconditionally and because of this love, I’ve allowed trust and forgiveness into my life. 

My vision of a healed world is one of light, love, and truth, where authenticity is second nature and the love and light flow consistently through all beings, animals, and organisms.

The greatest way my life has changed as a result of the Impact Trainings is I no longer feel the need for other people in my life for me to be happy.  I am happy with myself.  I don’t have to be with a partner to feel my worth.  I don’t need to have sex to feel love because I now love myself and respect myself to keep that part of me to myself and be sacred.

I AM a Passionate, Spiritual, Healing, Creative Woman of Light, and the best part is knowing, acknowledging, and loving that about me.  J

~DeNelle, Lift-Off 273~

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