Thursday, December 1, 2011

~Kameron, Lift-Off 279~ My Impact Trainings Experience

The greatest lesson I learned about myself through the Impact Trainings is how I have chosen to show up in my life and to let go off all my fears of sharing and claiming my power from all the people and things I had chosen to give it to.

My vision of a healed world is where everyone lives from their heart and we are all connected together and open to that connection.  Where we all show up in gratitude and trust, enveloped in the beauty each one of us creates.

The greatest way my life has changed as a result of the Trainings is I am closer to the people in my life.  I trust myself and others and allowed myself to be open to all possibilities.  I am free and I am one with my results, learning everyday and looking at all I presence in my life.  I am love.

~Kameron, Lift-Off 279~

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