Thursday, December 1, 2011

~JoLynn, Lift-Off 279~ My Impact Trainings Experience

I came into Quest not knowing what “my excellence” means.  I knew I wanted something more in my life.  I wanted to give and love the way I know Jesus does.  I learned I have all the answers for my life’s journey, that my life is perfect, and all my experiences are what brings to me knowledge of my divinity. 

My vision of a healed world is my power to create peace with all people, the ones I can see now and all people in my future.  I reach out daily to my source and inspire all around me to know their source.

Impact has taught me how to love myself and let go of all self judgment.  Accepting myself gives me insight and courage to accept all people in all of our differences and sameness.

~JoLynn, Lift-Off 279~

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