Thursday, December 1, 2011

~Ute, Lift-Off 279~ My Impact Trainings Experience

The greatest lesson I learned about myself through the Impact Trainings is that I am a powerful, magical creator and that I am the one and only decision maker in my life. My intentions are what drive any desire or goal I set for myself.  If I believe it, I can and AM doing it!

My vision of a healed world is one where each individual knows the power they have over each and every occurrence in this world, that we have influence beyond belief and each person is aware of this and acts with the intent to create heaven on earth for all of us. 

The greatest way my life has changed as a result of the Impact Trainings is that I communicate clearly from the heart, that I get to be my authentic self at all times, and that I will not accept anything less of me from here on out.

~Ute, Lift-Off 279~

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