Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Word Picture - Before and After Quest by Rachelle Shurtliff

Before Quest I felt as though I was an angry Taxi Cab driver in my dingy yellow Taxi.  I swerved through life, cutting people off, honking my horn and yelling profanities out the window.  I hit traffic getting to where I was going and I hated my journey through life and was frustrated with everything around me.

After Quest I feel like a little girl again.  I feel like I'm running through a field of white daisies.  The sun warms my face and the flowers dance in the wind as if to greet me as I run by.  There are no roads in my daisy field, no one expects me to go any particular direction.  I'm making my own way through life.  I love every step I am taking.  I'm now taking in the beauty all around me.  The beauty of what my life really is.

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