Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Quest Word Picture by Kameron Squire

Before Quest I was very much like a mouse.  A mouse that was trapped in a cage of starving hawks.  And I was so terrified to do anything because if these hawks saw me for one moment then I would be finished.  So I just hid in the corner making myself as small and unimportant as I possibly could, hoping that the hawks would just get hungry enough to devour themselves and leave me alone.  Because I knew that if they even caught a glimpse of me that would be the end.

After Quest I had transformed into one of those hawks.  I felt free and connected to everything from the wind racing through my feathers to the trees and the animals below me.  I was on top of the world and I just felt myself being lifted effortlessly higher.  So high that I could literally feel each individual warm light from all the stars in the sky.  And when I finally landed in all the beauty and magnificence around me I knew I had left that Earth behind and had landed in the midst of Heaven itself!

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